Supply Chain 4.0, a digital revolution !

From 1990’s to 2020, Supply Chain is probably the sector of the company which most fast evolved. Indeed, at first only considered as a support function for logistics and manufacturing, it became one of the most powerful levers to bring value to customers while improving companies’ economic performance. Most competitive ones now have their own Supply Chain department, which integrates all activities from raw material purchasing to customer delivery, and generating value by using advanced planning processes such as S&OP, while operational logistics has often been outsourced to specialists.

In 2020, Supply Chain is getting Digital and this will provide major changes in the very near future. The Supply Chain 4.0 will be much more accurate with Artificial Intelligence who provide better demand prediction, more efficient by optimizing truck utilization, faster and more sustainable thanks to new transport concepts such as drones for last-mile delivery. Inventories will always be at the right place at the right time, reducing delivery lead-times and optimizing stock level. In one word, the future of Supply Chain is digital !

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